Item Mall

Step into Item Mall!

Press 'Item Mall' button on the game interface to enter into item mall system.You can do a lot of operations here such as
  1. Purchase
  2. Give Gifts
  3. Try Avatar
  4. GP Reload
  5. Check-out
  6. Clear the Cart

GP Reload

Click "GP Reload" button to open the internet browser and enter into official Reload website. After successful reload, you will have more in-game money to be spent on your happy shopping journey!


Choose any item and click "Buy", the following pages will pop-up:

  1. Choose the time limitation of purchase, and confirm that the money is sufficient, and then click "Purchase" to buy the item, click "GP Reload" to enter into the official Reload interface.
  2. If you want to purchase more than 1 item, you can put the item into Shopping Cart.
  3. There are 2 ways to use the Shopping Cart:
    On the main interface of Item Mall, directly drag the item into Shopping Cart.
    When the character is trying-on the avatar/weapon, click the bottom button "Put into Shopping Cart" to put all the currently-trying items into Shopping Cart.
  4. Click "Delete" button to remove the selected item.
  5. Click "Back to Shop" to return to the Item Mall and continue your shopping journey.
  6. Click "Clean" button to clear all the items in the shopping cart.
  7. Click "Settle Account" to proceed to the final payment. Remember! Check the items in your shopping cart and confirm the purchase options before you do payment.

Send As Gift

Click the "Present" button beside the item and then the following windows will pop-up:

  1. Choose the recipient and the time limitation of purchase, enter the gift message, and then click "Send Present" to send out the item.
    * Note: The sender/recipient of the gift must be the one who already listed in your Friends list, or the operation cannot be completed.

  2. Drag items that you want to purchase into your Shopping Cart, this feature is designed for the convenience of giving gifts in mass quantity.

  3. After "Settle Accounts", the final list of shopping cart will be generated. In the gift recipient selection bar choose "Send as Gift"
    Select a Friend in your friend list and then click "Settle Account" to send out gift in mass quantity

  4. After a successful purchase, the system will show a message "Sent as Gift successfully" and the gifted items will be appeared in the mailbox of recipient.