MATIC 2015 Malaysia Grand Finals

The time has come! 32 teams of the M.A.T Soldiers will be coming together and battle to become the best of Malaysia & Singapore. the top 4 teams will be representing the two countries and battle in MATIC 2015 China! The event details are:

Event: E-Star Arena
Venue: Summit Shopping Complex, Subang Jaya.
Address: Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1, 47600 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Besides the honor of representing the countries at the international stage, MATIC 2015 Malaysia Grand Finals offers a lucrative cash reward!

Tournament Details

1. Game Mode: Bomb Match
2. Tournament Mode: Race to 5
3. Map: Ban Map system (Ban 4 maps)

4. Tournament format:
• 32 Teams will be competing
• Divided into 4 groups (8 in 1 group in a Round Robin Match)
• Top 2 of each group will move on to the play off (8 team double elimination match)

Point Rules:

• 3:0 or 3:1    Winner gets 3 points, loser gets 0 points
• 3:2  Winner gets 2 points, loser gets 1 point
• If both teams have the same point, the team with the most win will be the winner.
• If both teams have the same winning points, then an additional round will be added (10 minutes, 100 people, Team Death Match, Cross Range; Grenades and wall penetrating snipers are prohibited).

Rules & Regulations

Permitted weapons in official tournament

• All participants are allowed to use all of the weapons and equipments found in the provided tournament accounts for the event.
• CiB Net Station/ The M.A.T Team will provide the tournament account for each player. Players are not allowed to use their personal account during tournament.
• Players are not allowed to use the shop/ item malls during the equipment test and during the tournament match.
• Players need to double check their primary weapon, secondary weapon, slot settings and graphics settings before the start of a match.
• In the event of equipment malfunction during the match procedure, the player affected is to raise his/her hand to inform the Game Marshal.
• All types of crosshair are allowed.

Competition Mode

• Explosion Mode.
• Every participating team will be taking turns to attack and defend (The M.A.T Tournament Marshals will conduct and decide based on the tournament level).
• 5 maps will be available and the match map will be based on team votes. Each team will be taking turns to vote out the less favourable maps (Coin toss will determine the team that will be voting first.

The voting system will be as follows:
• Team A will vote 1 map out.
• Team B will vote 2 maps out.
• Team A will vote 1 map out.
* The last map standing will be the one used for the match play.


• Usage of vulgarity, taunting, showing of offensive sign & language are strictly prohibited. Any usages of any abusive language were prohibited. During the tournament, when a player game is already killed by other players, he/ she is not allowed to speak to their teammates or inform their teammate where the enemy was.
• During a match, only team leaders can use “all messages” chatting channel, applicable even after “death”. If other members were to use public gaming channels, they will be considered as violating the rules. During the tournament, other members are only allowed to use “team messages” chatting channel.
• 3rd party communication tools and software are NOT ALLOWED. (Example; Skype, Line & etc)


• All team (with complete team members) must report themselves (with complete personal details) to the Tournament Marshall at least an hour (1 Hour) before the tournament started. Failure to do so will be considered as absent/ forfeit.
• Failure to show up for a match (with complete team members) accoding to schedule, even after 15 minutes, will be considered as a match forfeit.
• The opposing team will proceed to the next stage of competition.


• If line/ game disconnections/ crashes is to occur during a match/ game, the round will be restarted (will be based on the Tournament Marshals consencus). The match will be restarted at the previous points.
• If a team is to be found deliberately causing line/ game disconnection or shutdowns, the match will be resumed.

Violation of using bug

• Usages of known bugs in the game to gain advantage are prohibited. If an unknown bug shows up in the game during tournament, the players may ask the organizers to stop the game. The organizers will then decide either to restart or continue the game. Unknown bug found due to boosting or stacking will result in a warning point. If offense is repeated whole team will be disqualified.

Gaming Equipment

• Players are allowed to set the screen lighting, screen resolution and mouse sensitivity settings. Any other changes to the PC hardware are not allowed without the consent of the Tournament Marshal. If any hardware malfunction were happened to the equipment provided by the organizer/ venue during tournament which may hinder the match from proceeding smoothly, the participants must inform the Tournament Marshals immediately to pause the match.


• Any team team wishes/ demands to replace any of the members after registration will not be allowed. Failure to have all registered team members before the match start will be considered as a match forfeit.
• If a substitution is going to be made before the tournament begin (registration period), only 2 new members are allowed to replace the 2 members who were registered before hand.


• Failure to comply the rules and regulation will result in disqualify. Game Marshal’s decision is final. A team will be disqualified from the tournaments if said team were to be issued two warnings on violation of rules. This event is organized by CiB Net Station. All decisions made by the organizer are final. Rules and regulations are subject to change by the organizer at any time without prior notice.

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Best Regards,

M.A.T Team