In-Game Contents

Press 'F1' key to view a detailed guide regarding battle operations.
Press 'ESC' key.
When the game is just started and both the attack side and defence side is interchanging, the interface of switching weapons will pop-up. You can select your weapon on the stated interface. When you want to switch to other weapons, just press 'N' key during the battle, and choose from the lists provided.
Press 'Tab' key to open the instant result interface. Release 'Tab' key to auto-hide the instant result interface.
Team Recovery Mode, Team Competitive Mode, Individual Recovery Mode, Ghost Mode, Seizure Mode, Explosive Mode, Chatroom Mode, Mummy Mode, Reward Mission, and Terminator Mode.
Enter into the Main Lobby interface of your selected game channel, you will see a Room list of that channel. Double-click a room, or click a room and select 'Join Room', then you can enter into the room. When you enter a password-protected room, you must enter a correct password.
It means the arrangement of players' individual Honour value (from high to low) in a game server.
Usually, the Ranking will be updated everyday.
Room Name, showing the name of room that you are currently staying in.
Game Map, showing the name of current map.
Game Mode, showing the current game mode in the game.
Time Limit, showing the limitation on game time.
Population Limit, showing the upper limit of population in the current room. The options include: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16.
The availability of 'Instant Join' function. The default setting of game is 'available', which means allowing players to instantly join the battle even if the battle has been started earlier.
Weapon Limit, showing the available weapons for the current round of battle.
Browse the scroll menu in Chat channel to select a player to chat.
Players List, Friends List, and Blacklist: Right-click any player in the menu to add friends, start personal chat, view information, and other functions.
Please dial our Customer Service hotline (+603 8023 8315), or e-mail to our Customer Service mailbox (mat@cibmall.net) to report the problem to us.
On the Lobby interface, click the button of 'Create room', complete all the settings. And then click the confirm button.
The maximum length of character's name is 12 characters, which means 12 alphabets or numbers.
Repeated character's name is not allowed.
Bazooka is one of the legal weapons. Normal usage of Bazooka will not cause any problem in game.
Please log on to M.A.T. official website (http://mat.cibmall.net/index.htm), press 'Register' and then fill in the registration form provided.
No, you are not allowed to open multiple M.A.T. game applications at the same time.
The default settings in the game are: Press 'W' to move forward, 'S' to step backward, 'A' to move to left, 'D' to go right direction. You can also customize the key settings on the interface of 'Settings' in the game.
Left-click to open fire. Through customizing the game settings, you can also change the operation keys according to your own habits.
Press the number key '4' to switch weapon to Grenade, and then left-click to pull the lead wire of Grenade and aim the direction towards the target, and finally, release the left mouse key to throw out the Grenade. The Grenade will be thrown towards target in parabolic curve.
Right-click 1 time to open 1x telescope. Right click for the 2nd time to open 2 x telescopes.
Press the number key '5' to switch weapon to Bomb. Within the specific area of bomb installation, please left-click to start the process of bomb installation. The fulfilled installation bar indicates the succeed installation of Bomb.
Press 'G' key to throw away the weapon that you are currently holding, and then move to the place where the dropped weapons located in order to pick up the weapon. You can only pick up the weapon which is of the same type as your thrown-away weapon.
The default free weapons have no limitation on usage, but the purchased weapons and mission weapons have limitations on the usage timeline. You can check the expiry date of weapon by viewing the weapon info in the Inventory interface.
After completed your shopping process, you need to enter into Inventory and equip the items on your game characters, in order to use the item when entering into game. Different weapon has different equip field.
You cannot delete a game character in the game, and cannot edit the name of game character after the creation of character.
Military Rank indicates your grade in the game. The increment of game grades will increase your game authorities, and let you experience more intriguing game contents.
You can increase your Military Rank by accumulating your Honour Values (EXP) in the game. You can also purchase AFK Card in M.A.T. Item Mall, and then equip it and enter into the chat room in order to let the card automatically generate Honour Values for you!
Your Level and Honour Value will affect your ranking. The higher the level is, the greater the Honour Value will be. If there are 2 players with same Level but different Honour Values, the one with higher Honour Value will get better ranking.
M.A.T. supports both Full Screen and Window Mode. What you have to do is pressing ALT+ENTER keys to switch between Full Screen and Window Mode.
Comparing to other FPS games in the market, M.A.T. is a unique First-Person Shooting (FPS) online game with relatively lighter violence elements, greater fashion values, and more entertaining contents. Just look at what we have in M.A.T.: The leisure game style, the ever-changing avatars, the cutting-edge weapons with unbelievable lethality, the user-friendly interface, the humorous Magic Grenades, and the cool dance steps with mysterious functions... You name it, M.A.T. has it!
There are 101 levels available in the game, corresponding to 101 Military Ranks. Currently, the highest rank is 'Marshal'.
Currently, even if you have not logged in the game for long time, your account will not be deleted in the game system.
The elimination rule of game server is as below: After entering into game server (After the server selection interface), no matter how large the interface is, the server info interface will pop-up an alert of elimination. Despite any game interface, the server elimination rule is standardized: A player will be kicked out after 1 hour of static operation.