Manual Patch Guide

Downloading Patch

1. Go to DOWNLOAD, and click on the download button.

2. Then, search the PATCH section.
3. You will see different versions of manual patch displayed on this page. Choose ONE of these versions that correspond to your current version, (NOTE: You MUST download the SAME version as your current version.) then click on its GREEN button to download. Example: If you are using version, please download - for latest version.

Installing the Patch

1. Once the download is completed, right click the manual patch and select ‘Run as Administrator’. (As shown below).

2. Once the setup wizard pops-up, click on the ‘Next Button’.

3. Please make sure your destination folder ends with "x:\\xx\CiB Net Station\MAT\ ", then click ‘Next’ to start installation.

4. The game installation is in progress (Figure 1). Once the installation is completed, the Completed Setup Wizard will be displayed (Figure 2). Click ‘Finish’ and you’re done!
Figure 1

Figure 2

5. Congratulations! You’ve successfully patched the game! You can now login to enjoy the game!

* If errors were to pop up during the installation process, please click on the ‘Ignore’ button (Figure 1), and the system will continue to install. Once the installation is completed, go to x:\\xx\CiB Net Station\MAT\ and double click on ‘MAT Repair’ (Figure 2). A new window will pop up and you need to click on ‘Repair’ button so that the system could automatically repair all corrupted files for you (Figure 3). Once the client is repaired (Figure 4), you can now proceed to login to games.
Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4