Guns are weapons used by players in battle and it is said that in a long run it'll build a form of affinity with it's owner. Via a special method, the soul within the gun is then extracted and named as the Gun Soul. The Gun Soul contains special attributes that are formed from previous battle memories which the gun share with it's owner; and using another method, the Gun Soul is then attached to a new body to increase the stat of the gun to make it stronger.

Presenting a new System in MAT: Gun Soul!

A tool that can change the stat of weapons; Contains EXP, Level and Attributes; The Gun Soul obtained contains its respective attributes, you'll need to upgrade it in order to activate more attributes. This enable weapons to be recycled and at the same time save space in your inventory, while forging a powerful gun for yourself.

Introducing Attributes

The attributes are segregated into 3 main types:

Benefit Attributes:
Certain Gun Soul Attributes can be used to increase player's profit, such as, Silver, Intimacy Value, Honour Value, etc;
Battle Attributes:
Gun Soul can greatly increase a gun's battle capability by reinforcing it according to the gun's specified attributes. For example, altering the gun's bullet, armor and speed related elements.
Personalized Attributes:
Certain high level Gun Soul can even produce special attributes that will affect the gun's firing effect. For example, altering the gun's firing special effect, certain gun's image and even create a new look for the gun.

How to obtain Gun Soul

Gun Soul can be obtained by disassembling guns. You can also obtain them by synthesizing it with a corresponding Gun Soul Fragment; Currently only avaible for Primary Weapon, such as: Micro Punch, Assault Rifle, Sniper, Light Machine Gun, Heavy Machine Gun, Shotgun, Bazooka, Flamethrower (Does not include Default and 8 Star Weapon). Disassemblement of 8 Star Weapon will be available in the near future.

Gun Soul--Disassembling Guns

Player can disassemble guns using a certain amount of Gold (Silver) to obtain Gun Soul related tools;

Rules for Disassemblement:

1. Success Rate:As long as the gun can be disassembled, it will produce corresponding Gun Soul tools and the success rate is 100%; If exceeds 29 days, it will produce a Gun Soul and random amount of corresponding Gun Soul Fragments; The longer the gun's expiration date, the more fragments will be produced;
2. Disassembling Guns:Visit our official website to find out which gun can be disassembled;
3. Number of Disassemblement: Unlimited;
4. Disassemblement Payment: :Can be paid using Silver or Gold; For every first 20 disassemblement, Silver can be used (Gold can be used too), after the 20 times, you must pay by Gold; Disassemblement Payment will increase based on the Gun's Star Level and number of disassemblement; If it exceeds 20 times, the amount of Gold spent will not increase;
5.Disassemblement Result:The Gun Soul and Gun Soul Fragment obtained from the disassemblement process will be sent to players by mail; Note:
• When disassembling guns that contains Gun Soul, the existing Gun Soul will be sent back to the players via mail.
• All weapon use to Split for gun soul will be destroy and no longer to retrieve back

Gun Soul--Equip Gun Soul

Player can equip the Gun Soul onto a gun via its corresponding interface, and thus enhance the gun's attributes;

Rules for Equipping

1. Success Rate:The cost to equip the Gun Soul onto a gun is free of charge and the success rate is 100%.
2. Equipping Gun Soul: Visit our official website to find out which gun can be equipped with Gun Soul; Currently available for Primary Weapons, such as: Micro Punch, Assault Rifle, Sniper, Light Machine Gun, Heavy Machine Gun, Shotgun, Bazooka, Flamethrower, 8 Star Weapon (Not available for Default and Makeshift Guns).
3. Number of Equipping:Each gun can only equip 1 Gun Soul;
4. Attribute Effectiveness:Activate the Gun Soul's corresponding attributes in order for the attributes to be effective; Certain attributes only work with certain gun, make sure you check the attributes first;
5. Selection or Cancellation of Personalized Attributes: All personalized attributes of the Gun Soul will be effective once it is activated. If player wish to cancel a personalized attributes, he/she can select cancel operation via the level up interface;

Gun Soul--Dismantling Gun Soul

To dismantle Gun Souls from guns, player can consume a certain amount of "Gun Soul Dismantling Tools" via the Dismantling Interface;

Rules for Dismantling:

1. Success Rate:The success rate to dismantle a Gun Soul is 100%;
2. Dismantling Gun Soul:Only guns that are equipped with Gun Souls can be dismantled;
3. Number of Dismantling:Dismantling of Gun Souls will consume a certain amount of Gun Soul Dismantling Tools and the amount consumed will differ according to guns; After dismantling, the Gun Soul's attribute and level will not be reduced.
4. Dismantling Effect:The gun will return to its inventory and the Gun Soul will be sent to the players via mail.

Note:The Gun Soul Dismantling Tools can be purchased via Gold in Item Mall/Non-bided M Points/Binded M Points;

Gun Soul--Leveling Gun Soul

Player can level up their Gun Soul via the Gun Soul Level Up Interface.

Rules for Level Up:

1. Gun Soul Level:Gun Soul starts from Level 1 and it can reach to Level 10; If the EXP provided exceeds the max EXP limit, the additional EXP will not be kept. Distribute them wisely
2. Gun Soul EXP:Gun Soul has little EXP in the beginning. The Gun Soul's EXP are similar to when it was first absorbed;
3. How to obtain EXP:Gun Soul can increase it's EXP by absorbing other Gun Souls;
4. How to Level up Gun Soul:Players can directly level up a Gun Soul; or they can level up a Gun Soul that is equipped on a gun;
5. Effect of Leveling Gun Soul:After leveling up a Gun Soul, it will activate more attributes;

Gun Soul Quality
Gun Star Level
Gun Soul Quality
3-3.5 White Gun Soul
4-4.5 Green Gun Soul
5-5.5 Blue Gun Soul
6-6.5 Purple Gun Soul
7-7.5 Yellow Gun Soul
8 Orange Gun Soul

Disassemblement Output Classification
Gun Star Level
Gun Soul Quality
Gun Soul Fragment
3-3.5 1 White Quality Beginner Fragment
4-4.5 1 Green Quality Beginner Fragment (Many) + Intermediate Fragment (Less)
5-5.5 1 Blue Quality Beginner Fragment (Less) + Intermediate Fragment (Many)
6-6.5 1 Purple Quality Intermediate Fragment (Many) + Expert Fragment (Less)
7-7.5 1 Yellow Quality Intermediate Fragment (Less)+ Expert Fragment (Many)
8 1 Orange Quality Expert Fragment