Couple System

If you're lucky enough to meet someone you like in game, remember to bring him/her to the Jing Cai Bar for a sweet confession!
However, in order to confess, both of you need to first purchase the "Crystal Love" Love Card from the Item Mall!
And of course, the guys are the one to do the confessing! Friends are also invited to witness this memorable occasion!

Being a couple means double benefits too! You can increase your intimacy value by going on battle together or even to just chillax at the Chapel. Once your intimacy level reaches Level 10, Congratulations! You can now get married!

Once your intimacy level reaches Level 10, the most important thing to do now is to purchase the "Ocean Heart" Wedding Card in order to get married!

Wedding is all about celebrations, hence, purchase invitations and invite your friends to witness your grandest moment in M.A.T!

Last but not least, a video recording of your sweetest moment!

A couple's intimacy value will turn into love value once they're married. The only way to increase your love value would be to battle! (AFK is workable too)

And now for the juicy part! Love values are used to redeem various type of tools!